Betty Tureauds Postcard from Second Life 21-09-2008.
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Wandering Spirits Urban Slum er et lille kunstværk i SL tema design næsten som et surrealistisk maleri.
Der er mange symboler og henvisninger i med tableauer og graffity på vægene.
Det er sjovt at gå rundt og finde alle de små hentydninger.
Det er et must at besøge Neat TriCks (the return) gallery.

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Neat TriCks (the return) gallery and amazing themed parcel


Neat TriCks (the return) gallery and amazing themed parcel
A 1950's urban surreal town abandoned to mannequins and robots also home to kali meads and her free gallery.
Always looking for artists with an edge t o dsiplay here.. Photography poses custom builder, pop art, grunge indie, electro gay


Mud Honies blues seedy dive bar by kali meadsok looking for a place to hang ou and listen to blues/ jazz (24/7),
well heres a small divey bluesy bar with no campers sex balls and well at least room for ten folk,
stay here and chill out & i guess feel blueUrbania - Urban Slum


An Urban city slum / Ghetto where wearing a stab vest is kinda common sense.


Hispana - Sandbox - Zona 1
SandBox publicode 120.000qs, Cursos de construccion, manuales, tutoriales, texturas,
clases diarias y gratuitas, libreria, tutores de ayuda.

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