Betty Tureauds Postcard from Burning Life 05-10-2008.

 Mit sidste billed fra Burning Life, jeg fik aldrig set selve afbrændingen af the man, faldt i søv inde han brændte
Men jeg fik danset og hygget mig med deltagerne, som var de sødeste menesker (ava'er) jeg har mødt.
De kom fra hele verden for at deltage i denne kæmpe fest.


September 27 - October 5

In 1999, an innovative man made the long trek from San Francisco to the sun-baked playa of an enormous,
flat, dry lakebed in the Nevada high desert. He went to attend the renowned Burning Man festival where,
for one week each year,
tens of thousands of people from around the world build art, camps and communities, and celebrate life.
This man came back with new ideas for the virtual world he was planning; ideas about the nature of reality,
creativity, identity and community.

He worked some of these ideas into the very fabric of “Linden World” which eventually
became what you and I know as Second Life. That man was Philip Linden.

To celebrate the inspiration that enriched Second Life, over the past six years,
Residents in Second Life have gotten together to build one of the largest,
most unusual and most creative events found in the Metaverse— the annual Art,
Fire and Community festival known as Burning Life.

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