Betty Tureauds Postcard from Second Life 03-11-2008.
Check this out!

Her er dagens overraskelse the Kaleidoscopiu. Det må du se og prøve det er simpelhen fantastisk.
Du skal finde skiltet med TP til kaladoskopet og sætte dig i en af stolene. Læs instruktionen i bunden
af denne side eller det notcard du kan få på stedet, det ar alt arbejdet værd.

En stor tak til Thoth Jantzen for at vise mig hans storslået arbejde.

Clicking above will teleport you to this location in Second Life.


Named for the ancient Egyptian city dedicated to Thoth; home for TJ's Artsy Park gallery,
Cosmique, and the Kaleidoscopium. art, sculpture, park, art gallery, gallery, exhibit, philosophy,
art gallery, thoth, egypt, discussion, video


Welcome to the Kaleidoscopium!

In order to get the best experience in the Kaleidoscopium, please read the below recommendations/instructions:

1. Pick a seat and (touch to) sit.

2. Click "Play" on your video control button (lower right corner of your SL viewer window) to view current video on loop.

3. Go to "Mouselook" and center your view on the far end of the tube. (if you're good at camming,
flip the view around, look at center of seating seat, and zoom straight back to the other end).

4. Hold on (we don't provide seatbelts!)

If you would like to show a video from "YouTube" (tm), there is a ZONE box located under/behind the seating set-up.
To use it, pick a video from and copy the URL into your text buffer
(there is also a selection of URLs in a list at the bottom of this note).
Then, back in SL, click on the ZONE box; when it asks for the URL, paste the URL into the chat box and hit enter.
The tube may go transparent and black for a sec while the video loads, but it should begin to play shortly.
Note that EVERYONE sees the same video, so if you're with a bunch of people,
please ASK them before changing the URL, and try not to cut other ppl off in mid-view (viewing videos in SL
is generally asynchronous, so not everyone sees the same exact thing at the same exact time).

Some notes:

Seeing video in SL can be tricky for some, and at times the reasons for being
unable to see video may seem more or less random (as many things
in SL can seem from time to time). More common issues to help troubleshoot any problems are given below...

1. First and foremost, you need to have Quicktime installed.
That's one of the biggest reasons folks are unable to see video. If you don't have it (or don't know if you have it),
install it - the latest version will just install over any current installation anyway - and then restart the SL viewer.

2. Check your preferences - in the "Edit/Preferences" menu, go to the
"Audio & Video" tab and check the "play streaming media when available" checkbox is ticked.

3. Check to be sure you're clicking the right icon - the musical note icon is for streaming audio only; if you have video enabled,
you'll see a movie camera icon with 'play' and 'stop' buttons to the right of it, just over the "Inventory" button in your viewer window.

4. Streaming video takes bandwidth. If you're on cable, you should be all set.
If you're using DSL, it can take a while, so be patient.
You may also need to toggle the video control (click 'stop/play') from time to time.
If you're on dial up,'re not if you're reading this, so never mind. ;o)

If you have any problems or question, please feel free to IM me, and I'll do what i can to help.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the Kaleidoscopium
- and if you do, feel free to tell your friends about it and add us to your "PIcks" list! :o)

Thoth Jantzen

Here is a list of some selected youtube links to play. To view, simply copy the URL (highlight the URL and type 'ctrl-c'),
touch the 'ZONE' box (grey box below seats), and past the link into chat (ctrl-v and hit 'enter'). It should start on its own. Enjoy!

Viva La Vida (Cold Play)
(live version)

Santana - Samba Pa Ti

Santana - Oye Como Va

Money For Nothin' (M. Knopler, E. Clapton, P. Collins, Sting)

PS: This parcel (Khemennu) also has a really nice art gallery and other things to see -
feel free to explore when you feel a need to get something solid (virtually speaking) under your av's feet!
Use the TP ball located under the sets to get started ;o)

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